Our Client Stories

Congrats to Hope and Logan on the purchase of their 1st home in Buffalo, KY! 
Hope and Logan are the proud parents of a sweet 9 month old little boy. They have worked very hard to make one of their dreams of owning a home come true. Logan just received a great promotion with work. Congrats Logan! This promotion has moved them closer to their home town and closer to family. 

 Congrats to my latest 1st time home buyer Doki
Doki’s dream was to own her own home in Louisville. Doki has worked very hard for her and her son to make her dreams come true and I truly admire that. Doki is a true inspiration and proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Doki's son was already playing in the finished basement and backyard. Lots of great memories are to come! Congrats Doki on your home purchase! 

Congrats to Candace on the Purchase of her first home! Candace called a few months ago and told me she was tired of throwing her money away on renting and decided it was time to buy! Candace works tirelessly 3rd shift as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), serving others, like a true hero. Thank you for all you do! When Candace isn’t working, she is taking care and enjoying time with her fur babies, her kitties, who now have lots of space they get to call their own. Candace got a great deal on her home and with a little work, she will have some awesome equity! Nice Job Candace, and Congrats again on your new home!

Congrats to Devin and Kenna on the purchase of their starter home! They are truly inspiring at such a young age and having it all together to be able to purchase a great home to raise their one year old sweet daughter Lilah in. Their hard work has certainly paid off! Devin made sure at closing that he knew exactly who to pay the mortgage to and when, since he’s never been late on his rent or any bills, he most certainly wants to make sure that he’s not late on his mortgage! Well done Devin, it’s your awesome mindset and great attitude that got you where you are at such a young age and the greatness you will be able to achieve in life. Enjoy your new home Devin, Kenna and Lilah!

Not to mention, Devin was able to take advantage of the KY Housing Assistance and was able to purchase his new home with only having to bring around $800 to closing ?. Well done Devin and thank you Elayne Havens for helping make this happen!